Every day, we are on firm ground of comprehensive, trusty, and solid solutions.

We meet new ideas and trends. We test solutions, models and formats. Consistently, we develop our team. We acquire new tools, and gain new experiences. Our competencies has been ascending with trust and respect towards Clients. Since 2004 already.

People who you can depend on

We build strong and steady relationships with many Clients, because we enjoy working with people who are professional and reliable. Who can hold own opinions up, and, still, stand corrected. They are receptive, competent, assertive, pragmatic, experienced, and communicative. That is why MDEM team not only involves strong and solid team of employees, but also incorporates outside specialists and partners who jointly take part in succeeding in many tasks.

Tools hardware and software

Work standardization aids creativity. We had a chance to ascertain about this fact many times. That is why, next to advance technological tools we use project management methods based on Agile approach. In our daily work we apply methods boosting communication and creative processes. We value flexible cooperation with Client, and ability to respond to changes and expected results, over tools and systems.

Values crucial for us and our Clients

Firstly, confidence and responsibility. Everything we do is an achievement of people, not systems. The approach focused on Clients and coworkers is essential. We understand our potential and appreciate the value of given tasks. Secondly, balance and permanence as results of cooperation quality and experience. Thirdly, knowledge and development – for qualifications improvement and new possibilities discovery. Finally, concretes are crucial – we know how it works in practice.

Quality authorized by certificates

Many of our realizations were positively assessed accordingly to strict EU requirements. Our projects are managed in accordance with requisite formal and technological standards. We are always open about verification and assessing of quality of our work. In 2013, we were authorized with ISO 9001:2008 certificate which confirms our strategy proceedings, development and implementation of advertising activities for brands, companies and products. There are not many marketing companies which can prove their services quality in this way. For us the certificate indicates our ambitions, for our Clients – it guarantees quick and right decisions, responsible and skilful project management.